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Our history

The history of our mezcal begins five generations ago in the native town of San Luis Amatlán, in Oaxaca. Since then, our families respect the natural growth of agaves, their original flavors and artisanal traditions.

From the beginning, It has been important for us to dignify the work that all members of the community do when producing mezcals. In the same way, we are interested in promoting, preserving and uplifting the ancestral rituals that, traditionally, mezcal accompanies, since it is an essential element in our lives.

The magueys from which our mezcal is obtained are grown organically; in addition, they are harvested and distilled with patience and precision, respecting the conditions and indications of mother nature. In Tr3s Tiempos, the raw material is the heart and soul of our mezcal.

Tr3s Tiempos was born as a cooperative of people committed to preserving our traditions, our culture, and the purity of mezcal so that lovers of this drink can acquire it directly from the producers. We promote equity in trade to dignify the work of all and take care of our families, who are involved in the process of making mezcal. In so doing, we prevent emigration, which is a harmful factor for families.

Our brand pays tribute to the three stages of life: being born, growing and dying, as well as the three stages of production that guarantee the quality and authenticity; the cultivation, distillation and packaging of mezcal.

The elaboration of mezcal always begins with the cutting of maguey under the full moon. We select only magueys at their maximum point of maturation, we cut the leaves with a machete, following the ancestral tradition. Once cut, the heart is obtained, which is placed on hot stones in an earthen oven, where they are cooked for four days.

The palm basket that complements each bottle is handmade by the artisan women of our community. Through this project, we enhance their work and empower them.

In Tr3s Tiempos we continue to honor the millenary spirit of our ancestors, paying tribute to the excellence of the artisanal method that has been transmitted to us for generations.

All our mezcals have a designation of origin. Its aromas and flavors will delight your palate.